Las Vegas Raiders • Allegiant Stadium

Raiders Foundation Legacy Brick Program

The Las Vegas Raiders Foundation Legacy Brick program provided fans from Oakland to Vegas - and from across the globe - to showcase the loyalty of Raider Nation at the main entrance to magnificent Allegiant Stadium. The bricks were installed prior to the 2020 inaugural season at the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders.

“This legacy brick program and organization means more than football and the field to me. It’s more than live games and playbooks, it’s more of an experience all together. I bought this brick to show loyalty and hardship to not only the Raiders but the people I love as well. I guess that’s what comes with being a Raider fan, more than a fan. I’d like to thank everyone of making this opportunity into reality and I truly am grateful for the Raiders. And remember, there’s only ONE nation, RAIDER NATION BABY!”

Juan Winkler
Brick Purchaser