More Than Bricks: Streamlining Fan (Re)Engagement with No Upfront Costs




By eliminating any upfront costs, Fund Raisers Sports delivers thousands of impactful, emotive touchpoints while creating an essentially risk-free revenue stream.

In 2020, our COVID Fundraising Support Program answered the needs of our partners and ensured the benefits of our turnkey Fan Legacy Programs were more accessible than ever. Our partner clients have been able to implement a program and create an immediate revenue stream with no out-of-pocket costs while Fund Raisers managed the day-to-day program details through our 360‑Degree Services.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from the industry, Fund Raisers Sports is announcing our Paving The Way Forward Program and extending the deferment of any upfront program setup costs through 2021.

Having worked with more than 110 partners across the sports and university space over our 30+ years, we have streamlined our full-service program to pay for itself with as few as 100 bricks sold. But the average six-to-seven figure incomes merely scratch the surface of the impact these programs can make across your organization.

  • Retain fans’ long-lasting connection to your venue through flexible applications of in-ground or vertical installations
  • Engage your community by providing fans and donors an added incentive to get off the couch and come back to your facility as restrictions ease
  • Overcome the challenges of limited internal resources with a partner proven to streamline and expand your fan engagement
  • Expand your reach into the community and add new members to your fan and donor databases
  • Create a viral platform for fan-to-fan engagement by sharing their stories and photos through our “Share Your Story” platform
  • Reach your nationwide fanbase by activating your brand in their homes and offices through replica bricks and display cases

For more information, including net revenue projections and a breakeven analysis, contact Michael Scotto D’Abbusco, Director of Partnership Development.